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Pelicon Phosphorous Elimination Container

enviplan®’s Patented Technology. Exclusively and Extremely Efficient

Remediation measures in the catchment area of a water body have the primary aim of reducing the supply of nutrients and, if possible, of lowering the nutrient load, especially phosphate, in such a way that no increased algae growth occurs.

Every reduction in phosphate pollution leads to an improvement in water quality. The measures aim at reducing both, point nutrient inputs (from municipal wastewater treatment plants) and diffuse nutrient inputs (from agricultural run-off, erosion, etc.).

Another source of pollution for water bodies is the discharge of road effluents.

Surface wastewater is loaded with a large number of pollutants due to air pollution and the growing road traffic. In addition to the contaminants typical of road traffic, such as the heavy metals lead, copper and zinc, dust and soot particles, mineral oil hydrocarbons and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, these also include biodegradable substances such as leaves. These pollutants leave with the road sewage via the rainwater channels into open waters, mostly untreated.

To effectively clean such inflows, the Pelicon process is the ideal solution for heavily polluted wastewater.

The phosphate elimination in the Pelicon plant is carried out by a combination of processes optimised for this application. This process combination includes precipitation, flocculation and patented Microflotation.

Pelicon is a 24/7/365 process, with continuous plant operation guaranteed. No filter change or backwashing of the filters is necessary.

The Pelicon units operate in containers with standard dimensions. The construction in container dimensions allows easy transport of the plant. This technology is modularly expandable and easy to install.

Highly efficient providing discharges of 35µg of Phosphorous at lowest possible OpEx.

  • Pelicon Mobile Unit