Waters Therapy

The enviplan® PeliCon process (Phosphorous Elimination Container) effectively eliminates nutrients, the main cause of eutrophic waters.

Waters are exposed to a variety of pressures due to their use. In addition to external sources of nutrients, internal sources of nutrients, particularly aquatic sediment, contribute to the pollution of a water body.

The PeliCon process takes advantage of these limnological conditions of stratified waters.
When restoring a water body, not the entire water body is cleaned, but only the water near the sediment that is highly loaded with nutrients.

Phosphate elimination is carried out in the PeliCon plant by a process combination optimized for this application. This process combination includes precipitation, flocculation and microflotation.

The PeliCon plants are housed in containers with the usual standard dimensions. The construction in container dimensions allows easy transport of the plants. In addition, the plants are modularly expandable and easy to install.
The plants have a low energy consumption (0.12 kWh/m³ to 0.15 kWh/m³) and a low precipitant demand (0.025 l/m³ to 0.080 l/m³ polyaluminium chloride).