Seddiner Lake

The small Seddiner See is a body of water measuring approx. 4.4 ha. Due to its shallow average depth of 2.2 m and maximum depth of 4.2 m, it is not stably stratified even in summer. The PeliCon plant erected on the small Seddiner See is designed for a water flow rate of 35 m3/h. It is equipped with a pipe flocculator. It is equipped with a pipe flocculator.

Despite the low inlet concentration of approx. 70 µg/l to 95 µg/l and the high flow rate of 40 m3/h, an average elimination efficiency of around 60 % was achieved. The water left the plant with a concentration of 22 µg/l to 45 µg/l.

By increasing the precipitant additive in the meantime, the elimination performance could be increased to an average of 68 %. Further optimization of the plant operation was planned for the following years in order to ensure a discharge of < 20 µg/l phosphate.

The corresponding elimination rates are determined for different dosing quantities and, if necessary, different chemical precipitants. The accompanying limnological investigation and the scientific documentation of the project results, as well as the operational support of the PeliCon plant, will be carried out by specialist institutes.