A pilot test is essential to avoid technical or economic surprises. In the run-up to your project, we offer smart and mobile microflotation pilot systems with remote monitoring, with which the treatment of your wastewater can be tested on site under real and practical conditions. These systems are compact, available in containers on request and can be used universally thanks to standard connections. They are commissioned by experienced enviplan® experts and, if desired, also supervised. In this way, targets and process technology can be defined and a well-founded profitability calculation can be carried out.

All enviplan® systems installed over the past decades have been accepted by the building owners or the consulting planning offices. And presumably this 100% acceptance rate is because all projects have gone through a pilot phase.

If you are already using flotation in your company and are completely satisfied, there is a good chance that you are already an enviplan® customer.

If you are not satisfied with your Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), please answer the following questions:

  • Is your flotation prone to errors?
  • The flotation results do not reach the target?
  • The operating costs of your flotation are too high or have risen sharply?
  • Are you using high amounts of flocculants?
  • Your flotation plant clogs more frequently?
  • The saturation pump or the entire system is an energy guzzler?
  • The bubble size and distribution in your flotation is inhomogeneous?
  • You have problems with installed lamellas in your flotation?

Retrofit your DAF into an enviplan® microflotation system

The superior enviplan® microbubbles. Stable at any time.

This is a collision of two air bubbles with a diameter of 50µm – representative diameter of an enviplan® microflotation. Again, the air bubble on the right has solid adherence.

Do you see any solids scale of?

We upgrade your flotation system with the patented AQUATECTOR® and the self-cleaning and maintenance-free iFloat® valve technology. The result is clog-free, stable and reliable flotation with significantly reduced operating costs. Our system requires less air, less energy and fewer chemicals than conventional systems. And we dispose of your “good old” lamella packages free of charge.