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The secret of the patented microflotation is the generation of homogeneous microbubbles and laminar flow conditions. With the development of the revolutionary and internationally patented AQUATECTOR Microfloat® microflotation, we offer an unrivaled fine bubble physical separation process.

Dense, homogeneous microbubbles generate extremely high phase interfaces and in most cases enable separation of almost 100% of settleable and filterable substances. At the same time, AQUATECTOR Microfloat® systems achieve extremely high dry solids contents in the separated flotation sludge.

At an operating pressure of less than 3 bar, the AQUATECTOR® pressure saturation process continuously generates microbubbles with a diameter of 30 – 50 μm. They form a mist-like bubble cloud. The energy consumption of a typical AQUATECTOR Microfloat® system starts at 7Wh/m3



A pilot test is essential to avoid technical or economic surprises. In the run-up to your project, we offer smart mobile microflotation pilot systems with remote monitoring, which can be used to test the treatment of your wastewater on site under real and practical conditions. These systems are compact, available in containers on request, and universally applicable thanks to standard connections.

They are commissioned by experienced enviplan® experts and, if desired, also supervised. In this way, targets and process technology can be defined and a well-founded profitability calculation can be carried out.

All enviplan® systems installed over the past decades have been accepted by the building owners or the consulting planning offices. And presumably this 100% acceptance rate is because all projects have gone through a pilot phase.

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