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With the invention of the AQUATECTOR® gas injection technology, we revolutionised aquaculture worldwide by optimising oxygen transfer rates in the 80s. From that point on, we moved into the field of wastewater treatment in the 90s. Today we are the technology market leader with an average of 4 intellectual property rights per employee. The AQUATECTOR® Microfloat® soon replaced “old school“ DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) in any industrial and municipal wastewater treatment applications, by offering unmatched separation efficiency starting from 7Wh/m³ of wastewater. With iFloat®, we introduced the world’s first automatic self-cleaning injector and pressure relief valve in micro-flotation technology. In doing so, we brought the concept of maintenance-free operation into flotation exclusively. Now, we are making any DAF on the market smarter. Retrofit your DAF into a state-of-the-art enviplan® Microflotation plant. Replace your pressurised water generation with the unique, powerful enviplan® AQUATECTOR® technology. Quick, economical and straightforward. And call it Simply Microflotation.

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Microflotation starts with 7Wh/m³. It is up to 15 times smaller than classic separation technology, maintenance  free and proven. It is the most sophisticated physical technology to remove up to 99% of suspended solids, high TSS, FOG and colloids. Awarded with German Innovation Award 2012.

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Over 300 industrial and municipal customer accepted reference plants and projects across 50 countries benefit from competence, experience and sustainable German engineering. Low Capex and Opex, safe consent limits, energy-efficient, compact and sustainable.

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Wastewater is Energy.

Wastewater is an underestimated resource. Whether industry or municipality, the energy yield can be substantial. An Austrian city uses the flotate and surplus sludge from their enviplan® microflotation to generate up to 3.3 million kWh per year. We develop complete cycle models for biogas production and energy generation.

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enviplan® uses the power of the air to purify wastewater with micro air bubbles.

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