„There is a way to do better:
Find it!“
Thomas Alva Edison

When enviplan® exhibited the AQUATECTOR® microflotation for the first time at the international Ozone Symposium in Zurich in the ’80s, I met a friendly, elegant elderly gentleman at our exhibition stand who was very interested in our microbubble generation technology. When I explained that the system would be used excellently as a flotation process, he grinned. “Young man…”, he said with a pleasant, Hungarian accent, “You will perhaps only sell 2, a maximum of 3, units in your entire life.” Smiled as he said it, handed me his business card and went. “Dr Milos Krofta” stood there in embossed gold letters; the founder of one of the largest companies working with flotation at that time. Perhaps even the world market leader. That was then.

Good, we’re not yet world market leader at enviplan®. Nonetheless, we can certainly look back with pride at the 1000 “AQUATECTOR®” microbubble systems and over 300 microflotation projects accepted by our customers. And we continue, as we still have objectives, as the enviplan® microflotation has proven itself ” like a shooting star” over the past decades in the field of physical solid-liquid separations. And we are still in the pole position. Today, we grow our network of licensees worldwide. Interested to become an exclusive partner? Contact us directly. License@enviplan.de

„There was a way to do better:
We found it!“
Roland Damann, Founder and CEO

The enviplan® Team

Roland Damann
Roland DamannCEO and Founder
Andreas Stein
Andreas SteinCEO
Thomas Lücking
Thomas LückingProject Manager
Heike Fischer
Heike FischerProject Manager
Artur Gettinger
Artur GettingerHOD - Construction
Alfio Corallo
Alfio CoralloHOD - Service
Eva Marie Jordan
Eva Marie JordanHOD Operational Management / Project Engineer
Behdokht Erfanian
Behdokht Erfanian Project Management / Project Engineer



Microflotation becomes state-of-the-art in industrial wastewater treatment


Microflotation replaces the classical sludge thickening
» WWTP Bottrop, Germany


Microflotation introduced in the tertiary treatment
» Bayer AG, Germany,
» Bayer AG, Leverkusen, Germany,
» Bayer B.V. Antwerp, Belgium


Microflotation introduced in surplus sludge thickening


Microflotation is launched in naval markets
» „Gorch Fock”, German Navy
» “Corvette K130” 5 Ships for  German Navy


enviplan® becomes the co-author of VDMA Specifications “Flotation”


Microflotation replaces classical Primary Treatment
» WWTP Spittal/Drau, Austria
» WWTP Aarau, Switzerland
» WWTP Rheine, Germany
» WWTP Yesil Cevre, Turkey


Microflotation paves the way to energy self-sufficient wastewater treatment Plant


enviplan® receives Innovation Award 2012


enviplan® starts the retrofitting program for aged DAF units


Cruise Ship EUROPA 2 is equipped with enviplan® Microflotation


enviplan® has over 280 reference project across 50 countries and almost worldwide brand protection


enviplan® enters the Chinese Market with exclusive license partner SHUIMU®


enviplan® License Partner Shuimu® is among Top 10 environmental companies in China
enviplan® celebrates its 30th anniversary

If you want highest quality of microflotation you have only one choice: enviplan®

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