Project Description

PELICON Waters Therapy

PELICON Phosphourous Elimination Container

Water bodies are exposed to a variety of pollutants. In addition to external nutrient sources, internal nutrient sources, in particular the sediment of a water body, contribute to the pollution of a water body.

The enviplan® procedure PELICON effectively eliminates nutrients, the main cause of eutrophic waters. PELICON systems operate mobile or stationary.

enviplan® supplies complete systems for all waters.

The PELICON units are delivered in norm-sized containers- this construction allows easy transport of the plant. The technology is modularly expandable and easy to install.

Only supply and discharge lines of the PELICON system and a power connection are needed. Thus, after a successful restoration measure, it can be easily dismantled, transported and easily re-installed at a new location.

The PELICON plants work with throughputs from 1 m³/h to 500 m³/h.

Stationary, much larger plants with higher throughputs can also take into account the local conditions.

The plants have a low energy consumption (0.12 kWh/m³ to 0.15 kWh/m³) and a low precipitant requirement (0.025 l/m³ to 0.080 l/m³ (polyaluminium chloride)).

PELICON delivers discharge qualities of 35µg of P or less.