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What our Clients say:

Dr. Rebecca Sindall, a senior research scientist at Thames Water, UK

“The microflotation plant has generated a lot of interest across Thames Water. This technology could be a real game-changer for the wastewater industry. The plant is easy and economical to operate and the ability to remove such a high percentage of solids, including FOG, in the primary treatment stage has such important benefits for downstream processes, both in the wastewater treatment and in the sludge stream.”

enviplan® Microflotation

Worldwide Plant Construction

Operational Management

Waters Therapy

On Site Construction with enviplan®

International Plant Construction

References around the globe stand for our excellent engineering and solid plant construction. We actively advise and support our customers in the optimization of wastewater treatment technology. The enviplan®experience covers almost all areas of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment. Our plant engineering is robust and Made in Germany. As co-author of the VDMA Specification and Norm Sheet 24430, we design certified plant engineering at home and abroad.

Installation, commissioning, trial operation and operational management, service and maintenance are our core competence since 1988 – you can rely on it!

Engineering and Piloting

How does it start? You own a successful business. And you may have an issue with your water or wastewater discharge. You don’t? In this case you already one of our happy customers or in a rarely lucky situation. If not, we’d like to define together with you the aims of a suitable wastewater treatment strategy. We talk to the authorities, we guide our clients through all relevant discussions and processes. Our solutions are based on sound experience gathered with more than 1,000 different waters and wastewaters.

A pilot test is indispensable to avoid technical or commercial risk. Pilot tests are the only prerequisite to be sure that there are no nasty surprises lying in wait. All enviplan® units that have been installed over the past decades have the so-called “customer acceptance certificate”, which means that they were accepted by the clients or the consulting planning office. And because all projects underwent a semi-technical pilot stage, the rate of acceptance stays stable at 100% since 1988.

Retrofit any DAF into an enviplan® Microflotation

If you already operate a Dissolved Air Flotation in your company and if you are completely satisfied with the “old school DAF”, there is an option.

You can easily upgrade any flotation system with the patented AQUATECTOR® and self-cleaning and maintenance-free iFloat® valve technology. The result is a clog-free, stable and reliable flotation with significantly reduced operating costs. Our system requires less air, less energy and fewer chemicals than conventional systems. And we dispose your pointless lamella packs free of charge.