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We are guiding our clients – starting from consulting, planning up to plant construction. All services are on the highest technical level: German Engineering. enviplan® has extensive experience in wastewater treatment. We cover both, conventional and innovative technologies and physical and biological processes. And most important: we do understand your wastewater problems. enviplan® incorporates all conventional treatment stages, preliminary, primary, secondary and tertiary treatment. Of course, Microflotation is often integrated into these processes. We accompany you from the first project idea via development up to implementation – no matter whether you are small and medium-sized company or multi national enterprise.

Organisations everywhere are realising the potential that enviplan® solutions provide.

Rebecca Sindall, a senior research scientist at Thames Water, said:

“The microflotation pilot plant has generated a lot of interest across Thames Water. The initial results from the trial suggest that this technology could be a real game-changer for the wastewater industry. The plant is easy and economical to operate and the ability to remove such a high percentage of solids, including FOG, in the primary treatment stage has such important benefits for downstream processes, both in the wastewater treatment and in the sludge stream.”

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Whether in a 20″-Container or on board of a Cruise ship – the enviplan® AQUATECTOR® Microfloat® Microflotation always cuts a good figure.

Engineering and Pilot Plant Tests

How does it start? You own a successful business. And you may have an issue with your water or wastewater discharge. You don’t? In this case you already one of our happy customers or in a rarely lucky situation. If not, we’d like to define together with you the aims of a suitable wastewater treatment strategy. We talk to the authorities,  we guide our clients through all relevant discussions and processes. Our solutions are based on sound experience gathered with more than 1,000 different waters and wastewaters.

Pilot Stage Takes Precedence over Studies

A pilot test is indispensable to avoid technical or commercial surprises. Pilot tests are the only prerequisite to be sure that there are no nasty surprises lying in wait for the client and the contractor. All enviplan® units that have been installed over the past decades have the so-called “customer acceptance certificate”, which means that they were accepted by the clients or the consulting planning office. And probably because all projects underwent a semi-technical pilot stage, the rate of acceptance stands at 100%.

Mobile Pilot Plant Units

What do Greek, Saudi Arabian refineries, Spanish, Middle East olive oil producers, Italian and Indian textile processors have in common with countless international, German, Austria and Swiss local authorities and well-known industrial companies?  All carried out pilot tests with mobile enviplan® equipment and then decided to implement projects with the tested technology. In the run-up to your project, we offer smart mobile Microflotation Pilot plants with on-line control with which the treatment of your wastewater can be tested on-the-spot under real and practical conditions. These systems are compact, deliverable in containers on demand and universally applicable by using standard connections and guided by experienced enviplan® experts. In this way, aims and process engineering can be defined, and a sound economic calculation can be made.

Retrofit your DAF into enviplan® Microflotation

If you already operate a Dissolved Air Flotation in your company and if you are completely satisfied, the likelihood is great that you are already a customer of enviplan®. If you are not happy with your DAF, please honestly answer the following questions:

  • Your flotation is prone to failure?
  • The flotation results do not reach the target?
  • The operating costs of the flotation have risen sharply?
  • Do you use high amounts of flocculation agents?
  • Does clogging occur in your flotation system?
  • The saturation pump or system in an energy hog?
  • The bubble size and distribution in your flotation is inhomogeneous?
  • Do you explore problems with installed lamellas in your flotation?

For more than two positive responses you should contact enviplan®.

We upgrade your flotation system with the patented AQUATECTOR® and self-cleaning and maintenance-free iFloat® valve technology. The result is a clog-free, stable and reliable flotation with significantly reduced operating costs. Our system requires less air, less energy and fewer chemicals than conventional systems. And we dispose your pointless lamella packs free of charge.

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