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enviplan®. Redefining Flotation.

With the AQUATECTOR®, we revolutionised  aquaculture world-wide by optimising oxygen transfer rates in the 80s. From that point on, we moved into the field of waste water treatment in the 90s. Today we are leading with 4 patents per employee.

The AQUATECTOR® Microfloat® replaced “old school“ DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) in many industrial and municipal wastewater treatment applications, by offering unmatched separation efficiency starting from 7Wh/m³ of waste water.

 With the iFloat®, we introduced world’s first automatic self-cleaning injector and pressure relief valve in micro-flotation technology. In doing so, we brought the concept of maintenance-free operation into flotation exclusively.

Now, we are making your flotation even smarter: Now available to all users of traditional DAF Units: The AQUATECTOR® and iFloat® 2.0 Upgrade.
Retrofit your DAF into a state-of the-art microflotation plant. The all new “AutoPilot®” will optimise microflotation performance depending on the load of the wastewater.

enviplan®. Call it Simply Microflotation.

enviplan®. Expertise.


Microflotation starts with 7Wh/m³.
It i
s up to 15 times smaller than classic separation technology, maintenance  free and proven.
It is the most sophisticated physical technology to remove up to 99% of suspended solids, high TSS, FOG and colloids. Awarded with German Innovation Award 2012.
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Over 280 industrial and municipal reference plants and projects across 50 countries are the result of competence, experience and sustainable German engineering. enviplan® offers the revolutionary AQUATECTOR® Microfloat® Technology. 
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Become a License Partner.

Since 1988 enviplan® designs overall and sustainable solutions around industrial and municipal waste water. Our growing international network of license partners offers solutions for Food & Beverage, Oil, Gas and Mining, Municipal to reduce, reuse and recover water and waste water. Become a member of the enviplan® network.
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